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We do not Promise - We Deliver...

The world is going through a tumultuous time. Riding piggy back on the rapid progress of science and technology, we are also being pulled back by strife, economic inequality and political shenaniganism.

In such a scenario, it is pertinent to parley whether any step, be it progressive or regressive, be allowed a free play.

At this juncture, all proponents of freedom would jump into the fray to uphold the tenets of individual liberty and to a point, justly so.

Yes, freedom is the most precious right granted to the citizens as laid down in the Article 19 of our Constitution. It espouses freedom of speech and expression, to assemble peacefully, form associations, move freely within the country and to choose a profession of choice. Each of these components is fundamental to our existence.

Yet, the human mind is binary. It can opt for light or shade from the same sunshine. Freedom, if misinterpreted, can be used against individuals, society, systems and even the country at large. Such instances abound the world over. We should employ all our resources to nip such tendencies at the bud.

The onus therefore lies with us the teachers. It should be our primary focus to explain to our wards the true meaning of ‘Freedom’. They should understand that we do not have the freedom to go against the general welfare; we cannot act to spread discord, to disrupt peace and harmony of the world. We should respect and guarantee freedom of others even before we start enjoying our own.

Freedom is the greatest of all rights given to us but it comes with myriad responsibilities. It is a tight rope walk and we at IIT Ashram try to imbibe upon our students the virtue of right balance so that they are able to enjoy their freedom by creating a world free from the fear of an apocalypse

With warm regards
S.R. Mishra
Director, IIT Ashram